Namami Barak festival heralds new hope for neglected Barak Valley

The successful conclusion of Namami Barak festival, a three-day extravaganza held in honour of the river.

The Padmavati controversy

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming movie, Padmavati, based on the 1540 poem ‘Padmavat’ by Malik Muhammad Jayasi,.

Unemployment Rate in India

Unemployment has become a highly charged issue in India drawing frequent claims and counterclaims from.

Police-Population ratio of India (as on 01.01.2016)

India has a poor police-population ratio with an average of only 1 policeman per 737.

3 Years of ‘Maan Ki Baat’: A Quick Analysis

‘Mann Ki Baat’ is a monthly radio program hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in.

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