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About TheIndianEdge

TheIndianEdge is a digital platform which aims to broaden the journalism paradigm in India into a fact-based and bias-free platform. We aim to introduce a new type of media- media with intelligence. This is only possible when we base our judgment and understanding of facts, rather than opinions.

We aim to utilize open source data from India and the World to analyze various issues, ranging from politics, policy, and entertainment, to sports, business, food and everything else that matters, with the broader objective of fostering better governance, transparency, and accountability in governance and society.

Vast amounts of data are being generated daily across society and are widely touted as a game-changer for research, technological innovation, and even policymaking. However, data will not change the world unless it’s collected and synthesized into tools and insights that have a public benefit.

We, therefore feel there is an urgent need to collect, analyze and present facts in understandable formats within the Indian context to spark debate among the citizens and help the country at large take objective views on important policy issues and foster discussion and analysis. We do believe this will become more important in coming years as citizens become a more active part of the governance process. Our goal is to add critical perspectives to these stories through objective analyses, and expert commentary. If you would like to contribute, please email your story suggestions to theindianedge.com@gmail.com

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